Frequently Asked Questions


Q.) How long should I run my pool pump?

A.) Your pool pump needs to run for a minimum of 8 hours a day, ideally from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Q.) How do I know if my pool is leaking?

A.) You can tell if your pool is leaking by performing an evaporation test. This is a really easy test to perform and anyone can do it. Fill your pool exactly half way up the skimmer (do not fill your pool more than halfway up the skimmer or the test may be inaccurate). Grab a bucket and fill it with water. Mark with tape where the water level is in the bucket. Mark with tape where the water level is in the pool. Place the bucket on the pool coping. The water in the bucket and the pool should evaporate at the same rate if the pool is not leaking. If the water level in the pool drops faster than the water level in the bucket, your pool has a leak. Note: If you have a pool heater, turn it off before running this test. If for whatever reason you cannot turn your pool heater off, place the bucket on the first step of the pool so that the water in the bucket is the same temperature as the water in the pool.


Q.) Can I add chlorine to a saltwater pool?

A.) Yes, you can add chlorine to a saltwater pool. However, never add chlorine and salt at the same time as this could cause staining in your pool.


Q.) Why does my skin feel itchy and my eyes burn when swimming in my pool?

A.) This may be a combination of low alkalinity levels and or low pH levels and or high chlorine levels.


Q.) My pool heater is not working and its reading “FLO”, “FLOW” or “LOW PRESSURE”. Is my pool heater broken?

A.) The most common reason for the “FLO”, “FLOW” or “LOW PRESSURE” reading on a pool heater is due to a dirty filter cartridge. If the heater is not getting adequate flow it will not work. Clean your filter cartridge, empty the skimmer and pump basket and check all valves making sure they are in the correct orientation.


Q.) My pool motor is making a constant loud noise, whats wrong?

A.) A loud constant noise is a sign that your pool motor is ready to kick the bucket. The noise will continue to get louder as it gets closer and closer to dying. Most pool motors have at least a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. If your pool motor is less than 1 year old contact the manufacturer. Upon replacing your pool motor take a picture of your pool pump before going to your local pool supply store as certain pool pumps will only fit certain pool motors. After removing the pool motor from the pool pump bring all gaskets to your local pool supply store and have them examined as they may need to be replaced as well.


Q.) I just had my pool Diamond Brite re-done and the surface is rough and or has a white film on it. What is wrong?

A.) Your pool was not “Fired Up” properly and the white film is calcium build up. Immediately following the resurfacing of your pool there needs to be a special process that takes place called the “Fire Up Process”. Here is a link to the exact steps needed to be done provided by The Pool Pros.