Pool Service Deerfield Beach

Pool Service Deerfield Beach

Pool Service Deerfield Beach: Our pool cleaning services are performed on a weekly basis. Once a week, every week on the same day, our pool technicians will test and add all necessary chemicals to your pool, vacuum the pool bottom, brush the pool walls, skim the pool surface, empty pump and skimmer baskets, and inspect pool equipment reporting any issues. Once a month, we clean your pools filter cartridge.

When asking yourself “Is professional pool cleaning service worth it?”, “Couldn’t I save a lot more money doing it myself?” consider these facts. Maintaining your pool is a weekly task. Once a week, every week your pool needs to be serviced and there is no way of getting around that. So every week you have to consider the fact that you will have to physically drive to the pool store and purchase the necessary chemicals needed for maintaining your swimming pool. On a typical week, you will only need to purchase chlorine and acid. That’s a typical week, from time to time, you will also need to purchase other various chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate, stabilizer, and calcium (these are not Pool Cleaning Services 12OPTIONAL, your pool ABSOLUTELY needs these chemicals).

Pool Service Deerfield Beach, FL

Think it ends there? Nope, it doesn’t. If you’re the average homeowner your pool will turn green on you. It’s not a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of WHEN and HOW OFTEN.  And if you don’t think so, you’re sadly mistaken. Shocking a green algae infested pool requires triple to quadruple the chemicals it normally takes to maintain your pool. But the expense of maintaining your pool doesn’t end there. Your pool net has a hole in it, you’ve got to buy a new one, your pool pole is falling apart, you’ve got to buy a new one, your system vac hose has a tear in it, you’ve got to buy a new one, the system vac head is old and destroyed, you’ve got to buy a new one and then, even after all of that, you have to actually do the work yourself.

Not monthly or bi weekly, but once a week, every week for as long as you own the pool. Purchasing equipment so that you can clean your pool will be unnecessary when hiring our pool cleaning service company. All of these factors need to be considered and when they are you will realize you are not saving money servicing your own pool.

Leave the headaches of maintaining your pool to the professionals at AJ Pools and give us a call today! Click the link below to see our two different pool packages and pricing we offer for weekly pool cleaning service.


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