4 Chemicals You Must Have as a Pool Owner

by / Tuesday, 28 October 2014 / Published in Pool Chemicals
Pool Chemicals You Need







1.  Chlorine

Simply put, chlorine kills bacteria and is essential in keeping your pool clean and sanitized. Chlorine levels should be tested and added to your pool on a weekly basis.


2.  Sulfuric or Muriatic Acid

In most cases, assuming your pools water chemistry is correctly balanced, PH levels consistently rise. Adding acid to your pool lowers PH levels. High PH levels can cause multiple issues as well as very low PH levels. PH levels should be tested on a weekly basis.


3.  Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate raises the alkalinity levels in your pool. If alkalinity levels drop below or above the allowed tolerance, (80-120 ppm) PH Levels with fluctuate drastically. Alkalinity levels should be tested twice a month.


4.  Stabilizer

Stabilizer protects chlorine from the suns UV rays. Low stabilizer levels cause chlorine levels to lower at a faster rate then if stabilizer levels were correctly balanced and high stabilizer levels make the chlorine less effective.  Stabilizer levels should be between 70-90 ppm and should be tested twice a month.